FEEVA endorsed the KNMvD White Paper on Equine veterinarians and equine welfare

The Committee on Equine of  the Royal Dutch Veterinary Association(KNMvD)  produced a white paper on behalf of the Equine Cluster of the KNMvD. FEEVA board members, together with the FEEVA Equine Welfare Working Group, decided to endorse the paper.

The statements in the white paper indicate what equine veterinarians believe that the welfare and health status of horses should comply with. Horse veterinarians are happy to help horse keepers and lovers to achieve this status of welfare. The aim of this White Paper is to support equine veterinarians in giving advice on equine welfare.

‘An individual is in a state of wellbeing when it is able to actively adapt to its living conditions and thereby achieve a state that it perceives as positive.’

Read the white paper in English 

Read the white paper in Dutch