Guidelines to improve horse transport

The transportation of horses is a key component of the horse slaughter trade; however the conditions in which horses are transported long-distances across Europe can lead to severe welfare problems.

FEEVA is involved in the EU project developing Animal Transport Guides. This EU project developed species-specific guides, including one for horses, to enhance the welfare of animals during transportation.


FEEVA was also part of the consortium of stakeholders which developed the horse fitness guide for transport and the watering guidelines.

Underneath you can find:

  • the horse guide in 8 languages
  • horse fact sheets with most critical points in 3 languages
  • the horse fitness for transport guide
  • the watering guidelines

You can also watch the short animated movie on horse transport in English, French,  German,  Greek,  Italian ,  Polish,  Romanian, Spanish

All materials of the Animal Transport Guides projects can be found here