Previous General Assemblies

November 2020

FEEVA Online GA November 2020

Online, conference

FEEVA has held its 2020 General Assembly on 19 November 2020. The meeting was done online due to COVID. At the meeting, FEEVA members discussed the impact of COVID on the Equine Veterinary Profession and health and welfare issues related to horses. The Estonian Equine Veterinary Association was welcomed as new FEEVA member. A new treasurer, Julius Peters, from the Netherlands was elected.

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September 2019

FEEVA General Assembly Birmingham 2019

Birmingham, UK

FEEVA has held its 2019 General Assembly in Birmingham, UK on 11 September. It was kindly hosted by BEVA - The British Equine Veterinary Association in connection with the BEVA Congress. The meeting had many interesting topics and discussions, regarding telemedicine, West Nile Virus, horse and horse vet welfare with colleagues from all over Europe and even further abroad.

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April 2018

FEEVA General Assembly Basel 2018

Basel, Switzerland

FEEVA has held its 2018 General Assembly in Basel, Switzerland on 25 April. The FEEVA GA was kindly hosted at the Swiss Congress Centre in Basel, Switzerland, in connection with the Swiss Veterinary Days.

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April 2018

FEEVA General Assembly Malaga 2017

Malaga, Spain

FEEVA has held its 2017 General Assembly in Malaga, Spain on 25 April. The FEEVA GA was kindly hosted by the Spanish Equine Veterinary Association, in connection with the AVEE congress..

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