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October 2023

FEEVA GA October 2023, Warsaw

Warsaw, Poland

On October 11th, the FEEVA General Assembly was held in Warsaw, Poland, and graciously hosted by the Polish Equine Veterinary Association (PEVA) and the Warsaw Jockey Club. The gathering saw the participation of 32 individuals, including member association delegates, board members, guests, and speakers. The event commenced with engaging presentations from various esteemed guests, including representatives from UEVP, FVE, EHN, IVSA, and FEI, along with a dedicated video message from the president of AAEP.

FEEVA is delighted to announce the admission of two new association members, extending a warm congratulations to the Croatian Veterinary Chamber and the Irish Equine Veterinary Association. The meeting also featured presentations on FEEVA's working group activities by their respective chairs, and the unanimous approval of a FEEVA position paper focusing on the Management and Control of Horse Welfare in Equestrian Sport.

During the General Assembly, there were lively and productive discussions, particularly regarding ongoing issues related to the Veterinary Regulation's guidelines for the use of medicines as per their SPC. Furthermore, plans for a campaign to enhance awareness and knowledge about African Horse Sickness in 2024 were solidified.
Additionally, a special session on dentistry featured interactive discussions about dentistry regulations in the different member associations' countries, further enhancing the depth of the assembly's discussions.
It's worth noting that the FEEVA General Assembly admitted two new member associations, representing Ireland and Croatia, which has significantly expanded its membership base. Additionally, two new board members, Lucy Grieve from the UK and Joe Collins from Ireland, were elected during the assembly.

A meeting report will soon be available

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October 2022

FEEVA GA October 2022 Rome

Rome, Italy

On the 27th of October 2022, the FEEVA GA took place in the Ergife Palace Hotel in Rome, Italy.
31 participants were present, representing 16 European Equine Veterinary Associations as well as UEVP, FEI, and FVE.
The General Assembly started with FEEVA different Working Groups updates, FEEVA finances, communications, and updates about FEI and FVE activities. Fruitful discussions followed the guest speakers' presentations on the topics "Changes in Equine Reproduction: Have they been good or bad for the Horse Industry?" and "Recruitment and retention in the Equine Veterinary Profession".

A big thank you to all the speakers, the member's associations delegates and the guests!
And thank you SIVE for the incredible hosting, interesting annual congress, and, of course, for all the networking opportunities provided.

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November 2021

FEEVA GA November 2021 Online

Online , Conference

On 5th November 2021, FEEVA had the FEEVA Annual General Assembly. Due to the ongoing pandemic situation, the conference was held online. During the meeting, the board members presented the activities supported by FEEVA in the last year and the programs for future activities. The Joint position paper "Best practice protocol for Euthanasia in horses" was discussed and adopted by the GA members.
The GA members elected three new board members to join the FEEVA board and FEEVA would like to welcome them!! Andrea Brignolo (Italy) , Anette Graf (Sweden) and Lucjan Witkowskit (Poland).
The new board selected the new FEEVA president, Julius Peters, and the new treasurer, Andrea Brignolo.
FEEVA would like to thank everybody who participated in the fruitful meeting and wishes for an in person meeting next year.

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November 2020

FEEVA Online GA November 2020

Online, conference

FEEVA has held its 2020 General Assembly on 19 November 2020. The meeting was done online due to COVID. At the meeting, FEEVA members discussed the impact of COVID on the Equine Veterinary Profession and health and welfare issues related to horses. The Estonian Equine Veterinary Association was welcomed as new FEEVA member. A new treasurer, Julius Peters, from the Netherlands was elected.

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