A recent film by the Animal Welfare Foundation showed unacceptable blood collection practices in pregnant mares in Iceland. It was followed by articles in newspapers across the EU. The Icelandic Food and Veterinary Authority (MAST) is currently investigating the issue. The extraction of ECG from pregnant mares has been a rapidly growing industry in Iceland; blood from almost 5,400 mares, on 119 farms, has been drawn in 2021. The Icelandic Veterinary Association also reacted with a statement (in Icelandic) denouncing the practices seen and urging everyone to critically debate this and take responsibility.

The FEEVA and FVE Board together adopted the following statement:

FEEVA and FVE call to stop both the import and European production of PMSG and other related products if blood collection procedures in horses do not live up to animal welfare standards.’

Click HERE to read here the  “Recommendations for Ensuring Good Welfare of Horses Used for Industrial Blood, Serum, or Urine Production”

Click HERE to see the videos showing abuse of horses in relation to PMSG production in Iceland