Sharing an ancient co-evolution with wild and domestic horses makes EHV1 the most highly successful pathogen and one of the greatest enemies of the Equidae family. Strategies such as presenting as mild or unapparent disease and the ability to persist as latent infection allow it to survive undetected in horse populations and to move freely between susceptible groups.

Our familiarity with EHV1 can lead to complacency with the devastating consequences of neurological disease outbreaks and  abortion storms.

The virus is at its most dangerous in high risk circumstances such as late pregnancy and gathering at competition. Only by a thorough knowledge and understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the enemy can strategies be devised to disarm and defeat it.

The FEEVA Board hopes that the following information can contribute to this knowledge and understanding.

FEEVA launched a campaign to help Equine vets across Europe to recognise the essentials of what EHV1 infection in horses, to increase the knowledge about the disease and to disseminate the information widely.

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